Concorde Career College

Vocational schools such as Concorde Career College have been rapidly added to a list of which former students may receive student loan forgivenessthrough various programs. There are many factors that will entitle you to loan forgiveness; to find out we highly suggest that you give us a call. These programs are new and for the time being have open enrollment for those who qualify. Give us a call now before they close at (844) 650-5823, or you can submit your information here

Timeline of Events

Concorde Career Colleges Inc. was formed in 1988 as a Delaware corporation.


The former president of Concorde Career Colleges Inc. sued the for-profit school for using illegal recruitment policies and violating the False Claims Act, alleging in Delaware federal court breach of contract claims and wrongful termination after he tried to stop further violations.

Concorde Career College Loan Forgiveness

For-profit vocational college students are now eligible for student loan forgiveness.

You may qualify for partial or possibly even full loan forgiveness if you attended vocational schools such as Concorde College, regardless of the time attended.

  • I’m so glad I found this website! After attending Concorde Career College, I wasn’t able to find a job in my field and got stuck with over 30 grand in loans. Thankfully, I’m now paying $0/month and will have my loans forgiven at the end of the term! Thanks guys!

    Carly Young, Dallas

  • You guys are amazing to provide such wonderful service. Thank you so much!

    Jeff Gemmell, Orange County

  • My student loan payments went from $423 a month to $0 a month, and after 10 years of paying nothing they get forgiven. This is amazing!

    Mark Levin, Wisconsin

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